Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

The ink cartridge refilled by the RefillStation works as good as new since:

  • The electronic testers are used to inspect the cartridge before refilling.
  • Proper technique is used to remove old ink from the cartridge.
  • Machines are used to loosen and remove dried ink from the chamber and head.
  • Only the ink designed for the particular cartridge is used.
  • The refilling is done in vacuum machines so that there is no air bubble to mar the print quality.
  • Test print is taken out before packing it.
  • The out let is properly sealed to avoid any smearing around.
  • The cartridge is ready to deliver quality output.

Laser Toner Cartridge Refilling

  • Our extensively experienced and trained engineers manually inspect the cartridge before refilling.
  • The cartridge is totally dismantled using special tools.
  • Waste laser toner is removed using high quality machines. Please note it is a must to have quality prints from the cartridge.
  • The drum, transfer roll and other seals are inspected for the reusability.
  • The worn out seals, gears, sleeves are replaced.
  • The quality toner specially designed and manufactured for that particular cartridge is refilled.
  • The cartridge is reassembled using special jigs.
  • A test print is taken out to check the quality of output.
  • The cartridge is packed and sealed in the black cover so that it is safe from any damage due to mistakenly touching the drum or exposing it to sunlight during transportation.